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How often have you had an hour to just sit and talk about you? And your needs? And what is happening in your family that is affecting you?

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As a certified holistic health coach, my mission is to help individuals and families learn and be open to making small changes in their nutrition and lifestyle choices to promote sustainable health & vitality.

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Through education and fostering self-awareness, you become a life-long learner and gain the confidence to make your own sustainable, well-informed decisions!

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Know that regeneration will occur as you continue this journey of transformation!

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Sharon Perry, MSN, RN, CNL, INHC
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


My goal is to help you feel inspired to start making changes in your health and realize you are in charge of your health. I want you to feel at ease and that being healthy does not have to be hard. Transition is possible; it requires not only intention, but taking small action steps and, most importantly, to keep moving forward!

Remember, you did not get to this point overnight. You will eventually see amazing results (usually sooner than you think!)

That is what I am there to help you with: to serve as a resource, to encourage you, to celebrate progress, and yes, to hold you accountable to continue searching for what works for you or your family!


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Individual Health Coaching
start where you are.

You’ve tried almost every diet...with little sustainable success, right? For motivated individuals, a more holistic approach is to hold space for you to contemplate your unique needs, starting with where you are right balance your life energy and food energy to nourish the whole you. Maybe your cup has overflowed, the scale has tipped towards dis-ease. What is your “WHY” for seeking a transformation?

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Family Health Coaching
planting seeds of health.

Sometimes it is not just about you. It is about the relationships with spouses, children, parents, or other family members you interact with daily. In other words… your goal is to make healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits benefit your extended family and improve the health and daily routine of your family, whatever your situation… and probably benefit you a little too!